ATG Home Battery Titan

Introducing the ATG Home Battery Titan: the epitome of power, scale, and sustainability for your home! Engineered for those who demand nothing but the best, our colossal battery system redefines energy storage on a grand scale. With massive capacity and unmatched reliability, the Titan ensures uninterrupted power for even the most energy-intensive households. Its advanced features, including remote monitoring and customizable settings, put you in complete control of your energy destiny. Say goodbye to blackouts and hello to limitless energy freedom with the Home Battery Titan – because when it comes to power, size does matter.

The ATG Home Battery Titan features an all-in-one design with our 10 kW hybrid inverter and our largest battery module at 20 kWh with an option to add an additional battery module to the system to create a 40 kWh battery system.

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All-In-One ESS

Transform your power experience with the innovative ATGepower All-In-One ESS, the cutting-edge solution for energy storage needs.
Energy Storage Batter System

Designed to offer reliability, efficiency, and exceptional performance, our all-in-one energy storage system (ESS) stands out as a powerhouse in its class.

Whether you’re aiming to achieve energy independence or looking for a robust backup system, the ATGepower All-In-One ESS is engineered to meet and exceed your expectations.

Experience the future of energy storage with ATGepower All-In-One ESS. Join countless satisfied customers who have discovered the pinnacle of off-grid power and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Extended Off-Grid Performance: Uninterrupted full-load power supply for over 10 hours, ensuring your vital operations never skip a beat, even off the grid.
  • Parallel Inverter Integration: Support for up to 6 inverters operating in parallel, making it a scalable solution for both modest and substantial energy requirements.
  • High Discharge Current: Exceptional support for a 210A battery discharging current enables the handling of demanding energy applications with ease.
  • After Sales Excellence: A sterling record of over 99% customer satisfaction post-purchase, reflecting our commitment to quality and exceptional service.
  • Dual Input Flexibility: Fully compatible with both diesel and grid inputs, providing versatile options for energy sourcing and resilience.
  • Simplified Installation: Comes with a built-in DC breaker which not only enhances safety but also significantly reduces installation costs.
  • Superior Discharge Efficiency: Boasting a discharging efficiency of over 95% for the battery’s usable energy, maximizing your return on energy stored.

The ATG Home Battery Titan is an all-in-one system with a standard configuration with 10 kW of power and 20 kWh of capacity. An additional battery module can be added to bring it up to 40 kWh of energy capacity.

The inverter is the component of the system that converts the DC voltages of the battery to the AC voltages used in your home plugs. Our inverter is a hybrid because it supports both batteries as well as solar panels. This means with our system you do not need a separate solar inverter.

On our hybrid inverter, there is an option to add another AC power source such as an existing solar installation. This allows the Home Battery to also manage the existing solar installation’s power generation.

You can add a generator using the additional AC power source input. This allows you to control the generator using the Home Battery control app on your phone or tablet.

The system can be installed in non-occupied residential spaces such as in garages and basements. It can also be installed outdoors on the side of the house or garage.

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ATG Home Battery Titan
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